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The Classic Contacts of George Adamski, Part I:
Flying Saucers Have Landed!
as condensed and recounted
by Chris Tannlund

Adamski was not afraid when he saw the shining vehicle come down, nor when the tremendous realization burst upon him that he was standing face to face with a living spiritual being, a man like ourselves, a human brother from another globe of existence.

-- Desmond Leslie, from Flying Saucers Have Landed

George Adamski: Their Man on Earth

On Thursday, November 20, 1952, George Adamski -- philosopher, student, teacher and saucer researcher -- made personal contact with a man from another world. Though the contact involved telepathic communication between Adamski and the visitor, it was far more than a strictly astral, psychic or channeled event. What took place was a real, physical meeting in the California desert, a meeting witnessed by at least six people.

The story of this legendary encounter, along with photographic and documentary evidence verifying its reality, first appeared in British author Desmond Leslie's book Flying Saucers Have Landed!, published by Waveny Girvan in 1953. Most of the book, comprising "Book One" as it was finally published, had already been written and was awaiting publication when a 60 page document from George Adamski appeared in the author's mailbox. Desmond Leslie and his publisher were so impressed with the account of the Desert Centre contact that they immediately labeled the document "Book Two," and added it, verbatim, to the text of Mr. Leslie's book. With its strong spiritual message, its condemnation of nuclear testing, and its affirmation of the existence of a Universal Harmony and an evolutionary hierarchy of souls, this first-ever message from the Space Brothers seemed a natural and serendipitous confirmation of Mr. Leslie's speculations concerning the relation between modern flying saucer sightings and ancient Hindu, Celtic and Atlantean legends and writings. More than 100,000 copies were sold, and the term Contactee entered the American, and eventually the global, vocabulary to stay.

Desert Sightings

George Adamski's journey toward contact began October 9, 1946, as he and several friends observed a meteor shower through a 6" Newtonian reflector telescope from his home at Palomar Gardens, eleven miles from the 200" telescope at Mt. Palomar's Hale Observatory. They witnessed a gigantic cigar-shaped object hovering above the mountains to the south. Adamski guessed the object to be a government dirigible, perhaps studying the meteor shower from the upper atmosphere. But when they turned on the radio, it was announced that a large, cylindrical spaceship had been seen by hundreds of people, hanging silently in the air over nearby San Diego.

In August, 1947, Adamski was out in his yard one evening when, "Suddenly a bright light object appeared, moving through the sky from east to west above the mountain ridge to the south. And then another! And another!" He called his friends out of the house. Together, they counted 184 saucers moving across the sky in regimented squadrons of 32 ships each. Tony Belmonte, a Soil Conservation employee working in the area, confirmed the sighting the next day, estimating the number of saucers at 204.

With cameras attached to his 6" and 15" telescopes, Adamski had been attempting to photograph the ships ever since the October, 1946 sighting, with limited success. At the request of the military, he had even sent several pictures to the Point Loma Navy Electronic Laboratory near San Diego for analysis. The photos disappeared, and the Navy denied ever receiving them. After the "squadron sighting," Adamski devoted himself to full time saucer research, taking hundreds of photographs, many of which provided clear, undeniable proof of flying saucers in our atmosphere and in space.

The Landing

Throughout the year of 1952, there had been numerous reports of saucer landings in the California desert. Adamski personally investigated many of these reports, dragging his telescopes and cameras out into the desert in hopes of meeting face to face with beings from another world. By this time, many people had heard of Adamski and his photographs, and they would visit him at Palomar Gardens to hear him tell his stories, and speak on matters of life, religion and philosophy. Four such visitors, Alfred and Betty Bailey, and George Hunt Williamson and his wife, also named Betty, had heard of Adamski's treks to reputed landing sites. They requested to be allowed to join him on future excursions, in hopes that they, too, might become firsthand witnesses to the ships. Adamski agreed.

On November 18, 1952, Adamski asked that the couples meet him in two days time at a site near Blythe, California. When the 20th arrived, they met and drove together, at Adamski's intuitive direction, to a point in the desert about 10 miles from Desert Centre, California, toward Parker, Arizona. Also present were Alice K. Wells and Lucy McGinnis. They all witnessed a gigantic, cigar-shaped, silvery ship, orange on top, approaching over the distant mountain ridge.

"Someone take me down the road -- quick!" Adamski ordered, feeling an inner call to a distant spot in the desert. That ship has come looking for me and I don't want to keep them waiting!"

Lucy McGinnis and Al Bailey accompanied Adamski to his intuited destination, out of sight from the highway. They set up their cameras and waited. The large ship moved directly over them. Adamski sent his companions off to watch from a safe distance as the hovering ship shot away and vanished from sight, chased off by fast-moving government planes.

No sooner had the roar of aerial pursuit subsided into the distance, when there was a bright flash from the sky, and a saucer, tiny in comparison to the craft that had just vanished, appeared and began to drift slowly down. It landed about a half mile from where Adamski stood, now alone. He took seven pictures in quick succession. The little saucer flashed brightly, lifted off, and shot out of sight.

Adamski presumed the experience was over, but as he turned to walk back to where his friends were waiting, he found himself confronted by a stranger -- a man of unparalleled, almost feminine beauty, approximately 5'6" tall, with sandy hair past his shoulders, wearing a seamless, chocolate brown, one-piece jumpsuit.

The Meeting

As George Adamski had known to come to this isolated desert location on just this day, as he had known that the large ship was searching for him, as he had known to abandon the road to find this landing site, so he now knew in his heart that the being standing before him was not of this Earth. The stranger offered his hand in greeting, but when Adamski shook it in the customary manner, the other smiled and merely pressed their two palms flat together. The visitor's flesh was delicate, like a baby's, but firm and warm.

A difficult conversation ensued, carried out in a mix of telepathic language, hand signs, and drawings in the sand. Though from different, distant worlds, Adamski and the visitor managed to bridge the gulf between them and make intelligible contact.


Reason for Contact:

The visitor identified Venus as his planet of origin. His people had come to Earth out of concern over our testing of nuclear weapons. Not only did we stand to destroy ourselves, but we were polluting outer space with our radiation as well. The [radiation] cloud formations were easy to imply with the movement of his hands and arms, writes Adamski, but to express the explosions, he said, "Boom! Boom!" Then, further to explain himself, he touched me, then a little weed growing close by, and next pointed to the Earth itself, and with a wide sweep of his hands and other gestures [he made me understand] that too many "Booms!" would destroy all of this.

The Ships:

The smaller ship had returned, and the visitor explained that it was magnetically propelled and incapable of interplanetary flight. The many small scout ships Adamski had witnessed were dependent on the larger cigar-shaped "mother ships" for crossing the great expanses of space.


The stranger explained that we on Earth really know very little about the Creator of the Universe. Beyond Earth, beings live according to the true Laws of the Creator, and not according to the laws of materialism, as do Earthlings.

Other Worlds:

There is life everywhere. Every planet in our solar system is inhabited. It is our limited perception which makes us think otherwise.


Space travel is easy and common beyond our terrestrial boundaries, and beings from throughout space visit us continually, and even walk among us. The human form is universal. People from far corners of the universe can walk our streets without fear of detection, because the differences in form from planet to planet are no greater than those between terrestrial races.


Bodies die on all planets, but intelligence and soul live on, continually evolving from lifetime to lifetime, transmigrating among the worlds in a grand spiral of spiritual attainment. Extraterrestrials have experienced lives on Earth. We Earthlings have lived among the stars, and will again.

The Footprints:

As the stranger was preparing to leave, he made several heavy, deep impressions in the sand with his boots, then drew Adamski's attention to the prints left behind, and the cryptic symbols inside them. When the Venusian visitor had gone, Adamski called his companions down to see the prints, and George Hunt Williamson made plaster casts to preserve them for study.

All quotations taken from Flying Saucers Have Landed!, by Desmond Leslie and George Adamski, 1953, Waveny Girvan Publishers, London.
The George Adamski contact drama continues!

Hang onto your seats as we go Inside the Spaceships!

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