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The Classic Contacts of George Adamski, Pt. II:
Inside the Spaceships!
as condensed and recounted
by Chris Tannlund

What the space people told Mr. Adamski, how they live and how they treat one
another's planets, this is what Jesus was trying to do. He was trying to open the eyes
of the people of Earth, to show we could live like that.

-- Madeleine Rodeffer quoted in
In Advance of the Landing: Folk Concepts of Outer Space, by Douglas Curran

The Venusian Returns

On February 18, 1953, three months after his initial Desert Centre, California contact, George Adamski again made face-to-face, physical contact with extraterrestrials. It began in the morning, when he felt the same intuitive knowing that had led him to the saucer landing site in November, pulling him now toward Los Angeles. He took a bus into the great city, and by afternoon he had checked into a hotel and begun to wait - although what, exactly, he was waiting for was still unclear.

When evening came, he was approached in the hotel lobby by two men in business suits who greeted him by name. As Adamski acknowledged the greeting, the speaker extended his hand, but rather than shaking hands normally, he pressed his palm firmly into Adamski's own in precisely the same manner as had the Venusian three months prior. A great joy filled Adamski's heart, and he knew he was, once again, in the presence of the Space Brothers.

But these men, unlike his previous contact, spoke perfect English! They had a car waiting, and on the long drive to the desert meeting place, Adamski learned that his companions were two of many special "contact men" on Earth - people from other worlds who live among us, learn our languages and customs, and study our culture from within. The taller of the two hailed from Saturn, the other from Mars. Both had lived on Earth for many years, holding jobs and maintaining homes, but not families. They compared their role to that of college students who study abroad in order, not only to learn about, but to physically experience a foreign society.

They stopped the car at a secluded desert location, where a scout saucer waited on the ground. The Venusian from Adamski's first meeting was there as well, just finishing some minor repairs to the hull of the disk. They all boarded the scout, and ascended to a great, cigar-shaped mother ship.

Although the Space Brothers do not use names as we do, and, in person, this causes no difficulties, Adamski assigned each a name in order to distinguish them in narrative: the Martian he named Firkon, the Saturnian, Ramu, and his Venusian friend he named Orthon.

Ageless Life

Aboard the Venusian mothership, Adamski was taken to a vast lounge, where he was introduced to two female pilots, Kalna of Venus and Ilmuth of Mars. Their exquisite beauty made a tremendous impression on him. But even in their fine company, he was struck dumb with awe to behold on the wall of the lounge, exactly opposite the door through which they had entered, a portrait Adamski was certain represented the Space Brothers' concept of deity:

"It showed the head and shoulders of a Being who could have eighteen to twenty-five years of age, in whose face was embodied the perfect balance of male and female, and whose eyes held a wisdom and compassion beyond description."
Kalna explained that the portrait was their symbol of "Ageless Life," which is displayed on all ships and in all homes. She explained that, because they keep this symbol ever before them, he would find no age amongst their People.

After considerable discussion concerning the ship's functioning, and social customs on other worlds, the mothership was taken up to 50,000 miles above the Earth, so that Adamski could view the planet against the backdrop of infinite space. Faced with the ship's awesome power, he wondered whether the Space Brothers had weapons, and would they defend themselves if attacked? Firkon answered that, although they were not defenseless, they would, in a confrontation, allow themselves to be destroyed rather than slay a fellow being. Adamski was humbled by the implications of this statement, and thought of Earthly wars, sadly contemplating "... the indescribable blasphemy of prayers addressed to the loving Eternal Father of All, asking Him to bless them in thus betraying the very humanity of their heritage."

The ship descended again to 40,000 feet above the Earth. Adamski was guided into a large salon, where a long table was set with crystal goblets filled with a sweet nectar-like fluid. All of Adamski's new friends were either seated around the table, or appeared shortly to join the assembly. An elder Space Brother Adamski had not before met was at the head of the table. By his own intuitive sense, as well as by the reactions of all those gathered around the table, Adamski recognized this older space man as a unique, highly evolved being, a master in whose presence all had fallen silent in humble attentiveness.

Meeting with a Master

The Master began the lesson by explaining that, in the grand Universe, there is neither beginning nor ending. Outer space is not empty, but constantly active, filled with moving particles from which all things arise, and into which they eventually descend. Throughout the universe are innumerable planets people by forms like ourselves, all at various stages of physical, social and spiritual evolution. The planets on which forms live are, themselves, living beings, moving along their own lines of evolution. Around each sun are twelve planets. Twelve solar systems make up an "island universe," a sort of metasystem of interconnected cosmic destiny.

Throughout our own solar system, forms have evolved beyond our understanding through adherence to the true laws of Nature, which are known beyond Earth as the laws of the All Supreme Intelligence which governs all time and space.

Earth humans are not the least developed beings in the universe, but we are the least developed in our system. Beyond our immediate system lie many worlds without significant social or scientific development, as well as worlds on which a high degree of scientific/technological advancement has occurred, even the attainment of space travel, but where social and spiritual development remain barbaric.

Our brethren in our own system have tread the same evolutionary path we are now on, and have overcome such obstacles as hate, greed and warfare. They are willing to assist us in our evolution by giving help and knowledge to all who are willing to accept it.

The Master's Message

The Master taught Adamski that inhabitants of other worlds are not fundamentally different from ourselves. All life, regardless of form, exists for the same purpose: to learn and evolve. The universe is a grand school, quite comparable to our own school system., and is stratified in a hierarchy of levels, like our various grades. We are born on a particular planet to learn its lessons. Once those lessons have been learned, we will "graduate" to another world, ever growing in our understanding from experience to experience, life to life.

He also explained that, though we will someday learn to travel to other worlds in our own spaceships, we will not be allowed to go far until we overcome our destructive ways and learn to get along here on Earth, embracing the kind of life, love and brotherhood which permeates the universe beyond our little world.

The Master's Warning

Then the Master spoke this warning:

"My son, our main purpose in coming to you at this time is to warn you of the grave danger which threatens men of Earth today... Even though the power and radiation from the [atomic bomb] test explosions have not yet gone out beyond your Earth's sphere of influence, these radiations are endangering the life of men on Earth. A decomposition will set in that, in time, will fill your atmosphere with the deadly elements... confined in what you call "bombs." If Mankind... on Earth should release such power against one another in full warfare, a large part of Earth's population could be annihilated, your soil rendered sterile, your waters poisoned and barren to life for many years to come. It is possible that the body of your planet itself could be mutilated to an extent that would destroy her balance in our galaxy."
He returned, then, to the teaching, contrasting the danger presented by Earth men's negativity with the genuine utopia which exists beyond our planet. On other worlds, he explained, there is full equality for all, and each being is divinely privileged to direct his own life and destiny. "Just as there are many downward paths, leading away from progress, so there are many that lead upward. Though one man may choose one and a second man another, this need not divide them as brothers. Indeed, one may learn from the other, if he will. For in the vastness of infinite creation, there is no one way that is the only way."

The Master closed his teaching by explaining that there is nothing wrong with Earth or its people; we simply lack understanding, and are like children in the universal life of the One Supreme Being. On other worlds, the Creator's laws are lived; on Earth they are merely talked about. If we could begin to live by even the limited universal precepts we know about, war would end, and our society would be swiftly transformed.

Some Questions Answered

Before being returned to Earth, Adamski was allowed to question his newfound friends on any matter that interested him. The following are some of the intriguing answers he received:


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