Extraterrestrial Contact and the Future of Humanity

"UFOric Commentaries"
by Chris Tannlund
The "God Metaphor" - We “want to believe,” as the Beamship poster in Agent Mulder’s office on the X-Files proclaims, but when faced with the realization of our desire, we shut down, we refuse to acknowledge what is right in front of us.  Direct contact scares us...

Iron John Conquers the Martians - As a 60's-born child of decidedly '20s-born parents, I was raised on the Golden Age, The Day the Earth Stood Still dream of kindly Space Brothers here to lead us to peace, brotherhood and Universal Wisdom -- a notion which seems ridiculously naive' by today's conspiratorial standards. But consider the possibility that this '50s era "naive' dream" may be no more or less realistic than the paranoid nightmares of the 90's and beyond...

Nine Pillars for Creating a New Paradigm - While digging through old boxes in my garage, I came across a paper entitled, “Nine Pillars for Creating a New Paradigm," which I wrote in 1993 or so, when Bill Clinton was newly in the Whitehouse, hope (for bleeding heart Liberals like me, anyway) sizzled like electricity in the social air, and Star Trek the Next Generation was in its mid-run TV heyday, granting bright weekly visions of Gene Roddenberry’s dream (and mine, too) of a glorious future in which Earthlings not only get along with each other, but play an equal and responsible role, alongside myriad extraterrestrial races and cultures, in a unified Galactic Federation.  In the spirit of the times, I crafted my “Nine Pillars for Creating a New Paradigm” to be the foundation stone of an organization I hoped to launch,  a global movement, really, under the working title “The World New Paradigm Federation”...

No Bad Contact - Should the day ever come that ANY extraterrestrial presence is openly acknowledged on our planet -- whether that presence is genuine or faked, good, bad or indifferent --  Everything changes, because WE will change, just like the characters did in the movie “Signs.”  The ETs’ reason for visiting Earth is irrelevant.  Only their existence, or our sincere belief in their existence, matters...

Shades of "Grey" - Good Guys? Bad Guys? In the end, the Grey ETs' coloration may prove ultimately symbolic...

The Shape of Things to Come: "Headline Reality" VS "ET Reality" - Extraterrestrial intelligences have been trying to show us a better way for eons now, and it’s high time we listened.  Our understanding and acceptance of these core cosmic principles, and our adherence to them as we consider current world events and our personal responses to them, could well spell the difference in the coming days between our positive evolution/ascension as a species and our decline into a new Dark Age, between the final establishment of Heaven or Hell on Earth... 

UFO - Universal F amily On-line - Suppose the "cosmic URL" of Planet Earth is finally making the rounds out there, and the UFO phenomenon represents a growing and myriad "logging-on" by beings from a vast spectrum of civilizations...

Warriors, Peacemakers and the Embarrassing Question of Love: A Peacenick's Memoir of the 1991 Gulf War - ...overcoming warfare, and all its base, egocentric causes, is one clear test we humans must pass before we will be allowed to experience any sort of positive global first contact, let alone to gain entrance into any Galactic Federation that may be waiting beyond the present smoke-and-pain-filled atmosphere of this tiny dustmote of a planet we humans call home. That's a given, I think. I can't recall even a single legitimate Human/ET contact, going all the way back to George Adamski in the 1950s, in which "outgrow war" was not a primary "evolutionary prerequisite" communicated to humans by extraterrestrials...

Why Contact Matters - You may consider yourself a pragmatic, "nuts and bolts" Scientific Ufologist (or Cereologist, or whatever) but even you are almost certainly aware that, for a significant percentage of individuals within the "UFO Community" (for lack of a better term), ET contact and spirituality have become inseparable pieces of the same cosmic puzzle, that the conversation long ago transcended the simple, "Is Something Up There?" to include open discussion of chakras, meditation, sacred geometry, physical and spiritual evolution, the role of consciousness in the creation of reality and the destiny of Humankind.  Even if you think that's all a bunch of flaky BS, you are at least familiar with the terms of the argument.  You can (and do) couch your disagreement in jargon the rest of us share and understand.

But, by and large, we are all "preaching to the choir"  ...

Why Cover Up ? - Roswell and the post-1947 "Great UFO Cover-up" -- So much of the discussion over the years has focused on what happened, who knew about it, who did what, etc., that very little attention has been directed toward what I believe is the most important question of all - why? 

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