Extraterrestrial Contact and the Future of Humanity

"Classic" Contactees:
(app. 1947-1975)
George Adamski Foundation    (the "King of Contactees")

"Adamski Saucers" photographed around the world

Adamski's "Inside the Spaceships" - complete text free online!

Adamski Contact  - original text of 1952 newspaper article, plus Orthon's Venusian footprints!

A Detailed Synopsis of George Adamski's Contacts - as condensed and recounted by Chris Tannlund for The UFOria Researcher: Explorations in Contact E-zine:
Pt I. Flying Saucers Have Landed!
Pt. II. Inside the Spaceships!

" All the Planets Are Inhabited !" -- Lots of interesting Classic Contactee stuff here.

Orfeo Angelucci This"Secret of the Saucers " website includes complete text of Angelucci's book - wow!

Asteron Galactic Command     (1977 ET contact over British TV)

Believers Unite! - Reprint of classic 1967 article from LOOK Magazine.  Features Buck Nelson, Giant Rock, Daniel Fry. etc.

Excerpts From Truman Bethurum's Personal Scrapbook

Henry Dohan - "The Pawn of His Creator."  Classic text available for purchse here on inexpensive CD-Rom or spiralbound book.  Attractive and informative website with excerpts from the book, plus info on publisher David R. Kammerer, who knew Mr. Dohan personally.

The Flying Saucer Menace - Rare 1967 UFO Magazine by Brad Steiger, complete text free on-line!

"Flying Saucers Will Land Here Next Year!" - 1954 newspaper reprint.

Dr. Daniel Fry - Excerpt from On Board The Flying Saucers by Gavin Gibbons:
.A General Summing Up .
.Matter and Mass .
.Space .
.The Quantity C .
.Time .

Galactic Server - "T he intention for this server is to give information about spacepeople related material who are mainly based on channeling and personal experience." Includes sites devoted to Ashtar Command, UMMO, Lobsang Rampa, Semjase and much more.

Galactica One, One World Family Commune
Allen Michael had his cosmic initiation experience in April 1947 and after setting up several other communal groups around Long Beach, CA, came north to San Francisco and founded the One World Family Commune in 1967.  A fascinating man, with a fascinating, must see visit website!

"Galactic Messenger" - View a complete episode of Allen Michael's "Galactic Messenger" public access TV show FREE with Real Player.  Follow this link to the Communitymedia.org site, then click "Featured Show."

"The Giant Rock Conventions" - An article on the Giant Rock contactee conventions snatched from Fortean Times Magazine.

Uri Geller - Israeli psychic and contactee. Four complete books free to read on-line!
. Uri: A Journal of the Mystery of Uri Geller, by Andrija Puharich. 
. The Geller Papers, edited by Charles Panati .
. My Story, by Uri Geller .
. The Geller Effect, by Guy Lyon Playfair and Uri Geller .

Gabriel Green:
. "Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs of America .
. "Ancient Prophecies and Modern Revelations " .
. "Constitution for the United World " .
. "Universal Economics: Mankind's Key to Economic Abundance for the 3rd Millennium " - "This is the Economic System used throughout the COSMOS - on many advanced planets, that if used here will create Heaven on earth."

David Hamel - Article "The Plan," by Graham Conway

C.A. Honey (ghostwriter for Adamski's "Flying Saucers Farewell," and avid contact writer/publisher.  This is his homepage)

C.A. Honey --  Articles:
. Are Adamski Type Saucers Physical or Not Physical? .
. How to Keep UFO Secrets from the Public .
. Exposed Claims, Hoaxes, Dangers .
. Answers to Questions .
. False Adamski Foundation Claims .

In Advance of the Landing: Folk Concepts of Outer Space - by Douglas Curran.  Web-Ad from publisher Abbeville includes free text and photo excerpts.

" Is This the Real Flying Saucer ?" - Reprint of Look Magazine article from June 14, 1955.  Not a contactee link, but defintely a classic!

Frank Johnson - "The Janos People,"  complete 1978 text free on-line!

John A. Keel - "Who was that 6 inch High Animated Tin Can I saw You With Last Night?" From the TRUE Magazine Report on Flying Saucers, 1967

Donald E. Keyhoe - from the TRUE Magazine Report on Flying Saucers, 1967
"Someone's Watching Over Us "
"Down, Down with Censorship "
"Follow the Bouncing Ball "
"Radar Tracks, Blips and Blobs "
"What Radar Tells About Flying Saucers "
"I know the Secret of the Flying Saucers "

J.L. Kennon - "The Planet Mars and It's Inhabitants." Complete text free on-line!

Elizabeth Klarer - Bio and interview

George King's "Aetherius Society"

Desmond Leslie - First, Last And Always

The Meier Case & Its Spirituality

The Billy Meier Contacts: An Ongoing Alien Encounter

Billy Meier - UFO Contact from the Pleiades - by Wendelle Stevens.  Complete text free on-line.

Billy Meier's "Talmud of Jmmanuel" -Jim Deardorff's extensive  research site, compares the TJ to the Gospel of Matthew and much more.

Billy Meier Beamship Photographs

Michael Hesemannn's Billy Meier Photo Gallery

Official Howard Menger Site

Laura Mundo - "Simple as ABC"

Laura Mundo - "Sex and the UFO"


Buck Nelson's Contact with Starpeople

Buck Nelson: The Spaceman

Ernest L. Norman -
. "Introduction, plus two chapters from "The Voice of Venus"
. Complete text of " The Truth About Mars " .
. " Amid the Pyramids " excerpted from "Interdimensional Solar Mechanics" .

The OAHSPE Book (full text free on-line)

Ludwig Pallmann -  excerpts from Wendelle Steven and Ludwig Pallmann's 1964 book, UFO Contact from Planet Itibi Ra:

Official Raelian Site

Sacramento Raelian: "It just makes so much
sense" - Pro-Realian article in the Sacramento Bee, by Will Evans.

T. Lobsang Rampa - "The Home of the Gods," excerpt from Saucerian release

The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects - Classic 1956 UFO study by Edward J. Ruppelt. Complete text free on-line

Philip Rogers - Voices from Space: The remarkable recordings of Philip Rodgers.  Includes, Philip Rogers bio, "The Communications," "Flying Saucer Sightings," "Music," "Free Energy," "Space Language," and "The Surviving Recordings."

Reinhold Schmidt - "The Cosmic Secret Beneath the Great Pyramid (excerpt)

Richard Shaver:
Underground Alien Bases: The Return of the Shaver Mystery - Article by Chris Tannlund
Mystery Man: Marjorie Palmer Remembers Richard Shaver - Interview by Ray Palmer

The Arthur Shuttlewood Story - multiple articles from Magonia

The Solar Cross Stargates

Art Bell Interviews Dr. Frank E. Stranges

The Interstellar Visitor~Val Thor - by Frank E. Stranges

Valiant Thor, Where Are You ? - Qoutes and links.  Well done.

The Space Contact Valiant Thor


UFO Contact from Planet Koldas - By Carl Van Vlierdan and Wedelle C. Stevens.  Complete text free on-line!

UFO Contact from the Pleiades - by Wendelle C. Stevens. Complete text free on-line!

UFO Contact from Planet UMMO - 14 Light Years Away...  A Perfect Case?

UFOs in the Gulf Breeze-Pensacola Area:Contact Since 1955 - an anonymous, but very detailed personal description of positive contact in Gulf Breeze spanning 40+ years.

UMMO- "Ummite Physics and Metaphysics: The Essential Texts" English translation.

Unarius Academy of Science

Understanding Unarius - devoted to the serious study of the teachings of Ernest L. Norman

Urantia Book (complete text on-line)

George Van Tassel's "Integratron"

George Van Tassel's Original Messages from Ashtar, 1952-1953

Paul Villa (article by Timothy Good)

Paul Villa's Contact Story - Description with photos

Travis Walton's Home Page

Tony Wedd - "Flying Saucers, Leys and Lost Technology."  Includes, "Flying Saucers," "Landscape
Energies ," "Lost Technology ," " Saucers and Leys ," "Healing Lines," "Healing Centres," "STAR Fellowship ," "The Buckingham Palace Ley," Fringe Archaeology," "Ley Structure," and "A Life of Ley Hunting."

Tony Wedd Speaks on Extraterrestrial Science (audio files) :
. Dan Fry - Speed of Light
.  Dan Fry - Out on a Limb
. Dan Fry - Testing Information
. Buck Nelson - Magnetic Currents
. Wilbert Smith - Binding Forces
. Menger, Tesla, Smith -Magnetism
. George Hunt Williamson - Saucer over Stone
. Philip Rodgers - Even Numbered Metals
. George Adamski - Metals Wrongly Together
. George Adamski - Nullifying Mass
. George Adamski - Magnetic Currents
. Howard Menger - Charge off Electron
.John De Land - Pseudo-electricity
. Brother Philip - Lost Technology

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