Extraterrestrial Contact and the Future of Humanity
Elleanor Arroway:  "Why did you contact us?"
Extraterrestrial:  "You contacted us. We were just listening."
Ellie: "Then there are others?"
ET: "Many others."

-- from the movie "Contact"

Comprehensive Contact Questionnaire
  All fields in the questionnaire below are optional, including your name.  Anonymous reports are gladly accepted -- but please provide a valid e-mail address, in case I need to contact you for clarification/further information.  Web-based addresses (You@Yahoo.com or @hotmail.com etc.) are fine.  If you choose to share your real name and location with me, I can still grant you full anonymity in all final published accounts of your story by assigning you a publication pseudonym and by disguising your location.  If you wish to exercise this option, just say so below.

Please complete all fields that apply to your contact experience.  Fields that do not apply, leave blank.  Information that goes beyond the questions listed here can be given in the free-form "commentary" section at the end of the questionnaire.

If you do not wish to complete such a long form on-line, you can copy and paste the questions into a word processing program, type your answers there when time is available, then e-mail me the results at the address below.  I can receive attachments in MS Word, MS Works, rich text format or plain ASCI, whichever works for you.  Feel free, also, to just copy and paste the whole of your response into an e-mail and send that way.  You can even mail the results to me via snail mail at the physical address at the bottom of this page.  Hand-written responses are fine, too, so long as they are legible.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire!

Are You Now or Have You Ever Been In Contact With Extraterrestrials?

1.  What is your name?

2.  What is your E-mail address??

3.  What is your date of birth?

4.  What is your gender?

5.  What is your race/ethnicity?

6.  What is your marital status?

7.  Describe your family (number, ages and names of children, information on spouse, usual "family atmosphere," etc.)?

8.  Where do you live (city/town, state/province, country)?

9.  Do you wish your identity to be disguised in all published accounts of your story?
(please specify items to be disguised, i.e., name, gender, city, country, etc.)

10. What religious/spiritual beliefs (if any) did you hold prior to your first ET contact experience (what your beliefs are today will be asked in a later section of this questionnaire)?

11. Describe in detail anything unusual about yourself that pre-existed your ET experience (as opposed to qualities that followed the onset of ET contact, and that may have been caused or influenced by said contacts).  Examples might include psychic ability (i.e., telepathy, precognition, telekinesis), parental ET contacts related to your conception or birth, unusually high or low I.Q., rare blood type or other unique physical qualities, abilities, etc.

12. What else do I need to know about you in order to really understand who you are?


Your Contact Experience(s)

13. Was your first ET contact experience predominantly positive?  Negative?  Neutral?

14. Was your ET contact experience a one-time occurrence? Have you had multiple occurrences that have now ended? Or would you classify your contacts as "ongoing?"

15. When did your first (or only) ET contact take place (the exact date and time, if you know it, otherwise, please estimate)?

16. Where did it occur (i.e., country, state, town, road or street, as well as "at home," "in my bedroom," while walking," "while driving," etc.)?

17. What were you doing during the hour or so immediately preceding the start of your first contact?

18. What was your state of consciousness in the moment contact began (i.e., wide-awake sober, wide-awake inebriated, awake but drowsy, twilight state/falling asleep, sleeping, meditational alpha or theta state, state of prayer or contemplation, etc.)?

19. What was the "vehicle of contact," i.e., was your contact face to face physical, mental/telepathic, via mechanical means (Ouija board, radio gear, etc.), spiritual/out of body, etc.? Some combination thereof?

20. Please "walk me through" your initial contact experience, step by step, in detail.  Write as much as you need to (the text box scrolls on indefinitely). You are telling me your story here -- write as if you were speaking to a close friend you really desire to have understand and sympathize with you. Start with the moment you first realized an ET contact was taking place. How did you know? What did you feel? What were your thoughts? Your physical sensations? What happened first? And then...? And then...? Please be very detailed in your description. Do not veer off into past or future events, unless they are absolutely critical to your narrative. Please try to stay focused on this one, first encounter, describing it in detail, from start to finish.


The Extraterrestrials

21. What did the extraterrestrials look like? Please describe their physical characteristics in detail, i.e., physical structure (arms, hands, legs, head), skin color and texture, eye color, size appearance, etc.

22. What did the extraterrestrials "feel like," i.e., what was your physicial/emotional/psychic reaction to their presence?

23. Did they "speak" to you, vocally, mentally, psychically or otherwise?  What did they "sound" like? (Note: NOT "what did they say," i.e., their message. This comes later).

24. What "special qualities," if any, do they possess (i.e., telepathy, levitation, non corporeality, ability to project thoughts/images into your mind, etc.)?

25. Are these physical qualities? Spiritual qualities? Or are they accomplished via technology?

26. Where do the ETs who contacted you originate? How do you know this?

27. Why are they here? How do you know this?

28. Are they in contact with other humans (or only with you)?

29. What do you know about their History? Their technology? Their religion?

30. Are they a stand-alone race, or are they members of a federation/confederation of ET races? If a federation/confederation, what do you know about it?

31. What (if any) is your personal relationship to the ETs who contacted you? Were you selected for contact at random? Because of some special quality you possess? Because of some deeper personal connection to them and their world?


Their Message

32. If you can provide a word for word, image for image transcript of all communication exchanged during your ET contact, that would be terrific! If you have such a record, feel free to type it into the text box below, send me a copy via e-mail attachment in MS Word or MS Works format (or plain text if you don't have either of those programs), or mail a paper copy to my snail mail address. If like most contactees, however, you have only your memories to work from, please take the time, in the text box below, to relate as much of the actual communication exchanged during your first contact as you can recall, and to sum up in your own words the "gist" of their message to you personally and/or to all Humankind.

33. Were you shown any maps or special symbols during your contact? Please describe them in detail and, if possible, send me drawings via e-mail or snail mail. What do the maps or symbols mean? How do you know this?

34. Were you shown scenes of Earth's future or given prophecies of "things to come?" If yes, what were they? Have any already "come true?"

35. What (if any) were your "instructions" concerning the ET message/communication (i.e., to share the message with others, to keep it secret altogether, or until a certain time, etc.)?

36. What else do I need to know to fully understand the ET message communicated during your first (or only) contact experience?


For Multiple Experiencers
( if you have experienced only one contact, please skip this section)

37. If the experience of contact itself (the stages, vehicle of contact, etc., as described in section one, above) has changed or evolved over time, please describe that change or process of evolution. How do you contacts take place today?

38. Have all of your contacts been with the same group or race of extraterrestrials? If not, what other types of ETs have contacted you? Please describe all secondary ET races/types in detail.

39. What is the relationship between the various types of ET? Do they know about each other? Are they friends? Enemies? Neutral observers?

40. Are there differing messages coming from different types of ET? Please go into some detail as to what the various messages are. Do they contradict? Harmonize? Are all the messages true? Are some intentionally false? Which ones are which?

41. If you have had multiple or continuing contacts with the same group of ETs, how has their message evolved over time? How would you sum up their cumulative massage for Humanity?

42. Have you kept some kind of written record of your continuing contacts (a journal, diary, etc.)? Can you provide me with an electronic or paper copy (at my expense, of course)?

43. What more do I need to know in order to understand your multiple ET contacts?


Effects of Contact

44. Has your ET contact experience had any physical effect on you? If so, what?

45. How has your ET contact experience effected you mentally/emotionally?

46. Have you developed any new abilities, powers, etc. since the onset of your ET contacts (that were not present before)? What are they? How did you become aware of them?

47. Have your religious/spiritual beliefs changed because of your ET contacts? In what way? What are your beliefs today? How do they relate to ET contact phenomena?

48. How has your ET contact experience changed your life plans, goals, direction, etc.? What (if anything) do you do differently now as a direct result of your contact experience?


"Must Ask" Questions
(I apologize for these, but I would be remiss as a researcher if I did not at least ask)

49. Have you ever been diagnosed with a mental illness? What was the diagnosis? Did you receive treatment? Do you remain under that diagnosis?

50. At the time of your ET contacts, were you a regular user of any mind altering chemical substance, including (but not limited to) alcohol, marijuana, LSD, magic mushrooms, etc. (even if you were not under the influence of these chemicals when the contact occurred)? What was the approximate time period between your last use of these substances and the onset of your ET contact experience?


Free-Form Comments Section

What do I need to know about your ET contacts that  has not been addressed elsewhere in this questionnaire? Anything you feel needs to be said to make your experience crystal clear to me can be said here. No length limits!


Help Me Make This Questionnaire Better!

I compiled this questionnaire after reviewing hundreds of hours of conversations with direct extraterrestrial contactees. These are the general questions I most often ask when interviewing an individual face-to-face. But only you, the contactee responding to this e-mail form, can tell me if this questionnaire asks the questions necessary to reveal the truth about your personal contact experience via this electronic medium. Help me make this questionnaire better ! What have I forgotten to ask? What questions would you ask of other contactees? What were you shocked that I failed to ask? What do I need to know? How would you rephrase your comments in the Free-Form section above into one or more useful questions? Let me know in the space below! Thanks in advance for your help!



Please Note:
Due to very high volume of responses to this website, I am no longer available to carry on lengthy personal correspondences concerning individual contact cases.  If it is at all possible to accurately relay your story to me via the Comprehensive Contact Questionnaire above, please do so!     If I have questions or need further clarification in order to fully understand your experiences, I will contact you for details.  If you take a look at the Questionnaire, and conclude that there is no way your story can be accurately conveyed by way of it (or if your browser does not support forms), then by all means contact me directly by E-Mail or letter.  In that direct communication, please tell your story as completely as you can, in your own words, with events arranged in chronological order of occurrence.  Feel free to attach any relevant documents, i.e., photographs (copies, of course), transcripts of direct ET communication, etc.

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