Extraterrestrial Contact and the Future of Humanity
"This is a unique time in our history, in the history of any civilization. Itís the moment of the acquisition of technology. Thatís the moment when contact becomes possible."

-- Dr. Eleanor Ann Arroway, from the movie "Contact"

Are You Now or Have You Ever Been In Contact With Extraterrestrials?

Every day, on television and radio, in newspapers and magazines, in countless chat rooms and on myriad  internet mailing lists and message boards across the globe, millions of people continue to debate the possibility of extraterrestrial life and/or alien contact.  But a rising number of individuals among us no longer debate such issues, because they already know the Truth -- they know that extraterrestrials exist, and that contact has begun, because they are, themselves, in direct contact with beings from other worlds !

The famous contactees alone are remarkably numerous -- George Adamski, Truman Betherum, Howard Menger, George Van Tassel, George King, Dana Howard, Orfeo Angelucci, Dino Craspedon, Frank Stranges, George Hunt Williamson, Eduard "Billy" Meier, Daryl Anka, Gina Lake, Whitley Strieber, Lyssa Royal Holt...  The list goes on and on.

But the more remarkable consideration by far is that, for every one of these recognized "vocal contactees" whose story has reached public attention, who has carried the truth of his or her experience and the message with which they have been entrusted to the world, there may be literally hundreds, even thousands of "silent contactees" out there, individuals who have been selected for contact, but who have not come forward to tell their stories -- perhaps from their own confusion or disbelief, or from fear of possible consequences of the confusion and disbelief of others.  It is toward these "silent contactees" that this research project is directed.

The "vehicles" of contact have varied widely through the decades, from physical "real world" meetings with UFO occupants, to the receipt of psychic/telepathic messages, to outright spiritual/metaphysical encounters barely distinguishable from the ecstatic visions of religious Saints or occult practitioners.

Examples of physical contact include face-to-face meetings "Aboard a Flying Saucer" (the title of Truman Betherum's 1950's contact narrative), indirect contact via radio or television equipment, or through audio or video devices, as when voices or images "appear" on tapes where no source has been consciously recorded by the contactee.  A number of individuals have constructed unique mechanical communication devices, either of their own design or by means of schematics received telepathically from an extraterrestrial source.  Physical contacts might also include modern alien abduction experiences, but to fit true "contactee" criteria, meaningful communication must have taken place between the extraterrestrials and the abducted human individual, as in the famous cases of Whitley Strieber or Betty Andreason.

Psychic contacts include the telepathic receipt of messages, communications in dreams, psychic messages received through the use of physical intermediaries (Ouija boards, automatic writing, scrying etc.), as well as that most common and prolific method of contact with non-human entities, extraterrestrial or otherwise -- direct psychic channeling.

Most everyone is familiar with the ecstatic visions of the Biblical prophets, religious Saints, and occult practitioners (such as W.B. Yeats or Aleister Crowley), and with the assertion of some UFOlogists that these experiences closely parallel or even equate to extraterrestrial contact.  Examples of such spiritual/metaphysical contact in the modern era might include the Australian contactee Michel J. Desmarquet's recent narrative Abduction to the 9th Planet (although he swears the story he relates is of a true physical occurrence, ala "Aboard a Flying Saucer," so its purely spiritual nature is not certain).  Examples from the '50s and '60s might include T. Lobsang Rampa's My Visit to Venus, Ernest L. Norman's The Voice of Venus, or His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta's Easy Journey to Other Planets (less a straightforward contact narrative, than a manual for contacting entities on a variety of "spiritual planets").

If you have personally experienced meaningful communication with extraterrestrial beings, via any of the methods outlined above (or any other, for that matter), then...


As the 21st Century dawns, ET contact is being reported all over the earth, on a previously unprecedented scale.  Those in positions of power -- elected officials, military, economic and religious leaders -- are finding themselves largely bypassed by these contacts from entities whose message seems targeted at all of Humanity, rather than to Peoples of any one political, racial, cultural or religious persuasion.  Most of the messages in published sources either warn of looming environmental disaster, or else offer guidelines for spiritual advancement and/or the evolution of planetary consciousness.

But do the published works of the one in a thousand "vocal contactees" tell the whole story?  Or do the "silent contactees" hold important keys to unlocking at last the deepest secrets of the UFO mystery?  What is the full ET message to the people of planet earth?  The answer to these questions lies with YOU -- the individual "silent contactee."  If your experience falls within the scope of this extraterrestrial contact research project as described on this webpage, please take the time to complete the UFOria Research Comprehensive Contact Questionnaire, or contact me directly by clicking the e-mail link below.

Your Truth matters to the whole of Humanity.  Please share your knowledge!

Please Note:

Due to very high volume of responses to this website, I am no longer available to carry on lengthy correspondences concerning individual contact cases.  If it is at all possible to accurately relay your story to me via the Comprehensive Contact Questionnaire above, please do so!   If I have questions or need further clarification in order to fully understand your experiences, I will contact you for details.  If you take a look at the Questionnaire, and conclude that there is no way your story can be accurately conveyed by way of it (or if your browser does not support forms), then by all means contact me directly by E-Mail or letter.  In that direct communication, please tell your story as completely as you can, in your own words, with events arranged in chronological order of occurrence.  Feel free to attach any relevant documents, i.e., photographs (copies, of course), transcripts of direct ET communication, etc.
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