Extraterrestrial Contact and the Future of Humanity
"I had an experience. I can't prove it. I can't even explain it. But everything that I know as a human being, everything that I am, tells me that it was real."

-- Dr. Eleanor Ann Arroway, from the movie "Contact"

Extraterrestrial Contact Research Database
At this time, most of what follows are links to external ET contact research sources located on the Web, though the process of building an internally-hosted UFOria Research database of contact information, communication transcripts, personal narratives and contact-related science and scholarship has now begun in earnest.  If a page you access has a UFOria Research logo at the top, you're in the local database, which will be continually expanded upon, updated and, eventually, indexed and made searchable.  This is a big, on-going project, and may take some time to become really impressive, but it'll be worth the wait, I promise!

To get your website, or pages within it, listed here, just add a UFOria Research link to your site, then e-mail me that you have done so .  I'll add you on the next regular update (approximately weekly, at least until this page fleshes out a little).  If you have an informative UFO/Paranormal web site that does not offer reciprocal links, send me your URL, and if I like what I see, I'll add you anyway.  If you are aware of interesting sites out there (especially concerning ET contact, "classic" or current) that I have missed, I'd appreciate a heads-up!  Thanks!

Finally, if you hold the copyright on any Human/ET contact narratives, transcripts, research documents, etc., whether from published books, unpublished manuscripts, magazines, newsletters or any other source, please consider granting me permission to add those texts to the database. I cannot pay for use of these rights (UFOria Research, like most UFO research projects, is run on an economic shoestring), but I would be very grateful for the opportunity to make or keep these texts available to all.  I am not talking here about generic sighting reports, but rather about the very specific phenomenon of Human/ET contact, with meaningful communications exchanged. Topics of interest for the database would include:

                  The "Classic" Contactees, circa 1947-1975 or so.
                  "Contemporary" Contactees - persons and organizations active since 1975.
                  "Ashtar Command" and other established "Contact Cultures"
                  Contact Research and Scholarship - share your research into this phenomenon!
                  Pro or con, believer or skeptic, have you written a book, article, research paper,
                  etc.? Share it with the research community!

If you have items to contribute, please contact me at the e-mail or snail mail address at the bottom of this page.  Thank you!

"Classic" Contactees (app. 1947-1975)

Contemporary Contactees

ETs "Here and Now"
(Extraterrestrial, Ultraterrestrial and Interdimensional Beings on Earth Assignment)

Ashtar Command

Starseed/Contactee Groups & Miscellany

Contact Scholarship, Science & Enlightened Speculation

Select General UFO Links

Select General Paranormal, Spiritual and Metaphysical Links

Paranormal Media

Frontier Science

Chris Tannlund's "UFOric Commentaries"

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