Extraterrestrial Contact and the Future of Humanity

Executive:   "We must confess that your proposal seems less like science and more like science fiction. "

Dr. Arroway:   "Science fiction. You're right, it's crazy. In fact, it's even worse than that, it's nuts. You wanna hear something really nutty? I heard of a couple guys who wanna build something called an airplane, you know you get people to go in, and fly around like birds, it's ridiculous, right? And what about breaking the sound barrier, or rockets to the moon? Atomic energy, or a mission to Mars? Science fiction, right? "

-- from the movie, "Contact"

What on Earth is UFOria Research?

The Mission

The mission of UFOria Research, as defined in my AllAboutGhosts.com interview :

As for my work, how I characterize the ET/Human contact experience, think about the difference between the movies “Fire In The Sky,” based on the famous Travis Walton abduction case,  and “Contact,” based on the novel by Carl Sagan.  “Fire In The Sky” is Bang-zoom - to the moon!  Slime and Anal Probes!  It’s a story of interstellar rape, of modern, technologically savvy demons doing what demons have always done best -- violating the innocent.  Blah!  That does nothing for me, I do not find it exciting or even marginally interesting, really.  Somebody call a Priest, already!

“Contact,” on the other hand, is a story of tremendous hope, an exploration of what is best and worst about Humanity, of how we might reconcile these opposing forces in ourselves and our society and evolve to join the greater universal community.  It’s about opening up to the universe, to taking a very rational and a unifyingly global approach to finding friends out there, to listening without fear to what they have to say, to making a consciously constructed and uniquely human response.  It’s about reason VS faith, and how, to grow past our present conditions, we have to reunite these falsely separated aspects of ourselves and our culture, to modernize and expand both concepts until, ultimately, we find within ourselves the courage and power to reach out for the cosmic hand that has probably been extended our way for millennia.

The universe is 12 billion years old.  The center of even our own little Milky Way Galaxy is billions of years older than the rim, where we live.  To believe that we are the only life to have evolved in all that space, in all that time, is worse than foolhardy.  It’s dangerously arrogant.  We humans need a big does of humility.  There are civilizations out there that were millions of years old when we earthlings crawled out of the primordial slime.  If those civilizations were antagonistic, we’d have been wiped out or enslaved a long time ago.  More likely, they are highly evolved, intelligent and interconnected, aware of each other and aware of us, as we gradually approach a stage of evolution where we are finally capable of recognizing them, of engaging in meaningful conversation.  That conversation is real, it’s taking place, right now, all over the planet.  My website is a convenient portal to a large chunk of the evolving conversation, that small part of it that has reached the Internet, anyway.  The bulk of my work is not even about establishing the fact of whether the conversation is taking place, whether it’s real or not -- that’s a given, to my mind.  It’s time to survey the myriad messages and ask, “What are They saying?  What’s it all mean?”  That’s the whole mission of UFOria Research in a nutshell -- asking those questions, understanding the answers, working toward developing a meaningful human response.

The Research
To discover the truth about  UFOs and the Human/ET contact phenomenon, I need the input and participation that only you -- the individual direct experiencer -- can offer.  I believe that, in a field where physical evidence is notoriously unavailable (as if it were being somehow  intentionally withheld by the phenomenon itself), the personal narratives of those directly effected are by far the best, most accurate andrevealing source of information available for study.   If the Truth is, indeed, "Out There," as the saying goes, then I believe it is only "In Here" -- in the details of personal accounts of what individuals have seen, heard and felt, and of the impact encountering the unknown has had on their lives -- that that Truth will be revealed .

Your Experience Matters

Your story deserves to be heard. You deserve to be taken seriously -- safe from the usual spirit of blanket skepticism, debunking and ridicule so often heaped on experiencers with the courage to tell their stories by representatives of government, the military, mainstream media, and even by many branches of the UFOlogical and paranormal research communities themselves.   I am an open-minded researcher seeking only the Truth.  However strange or
apparently "unbelievable" your experience, share it with me, and you have my word that your story will receive a fair, balanced and sympathetic hearing.  All materials gathered through this website will be used to further the cause of UFO and paranormal research, and to bring us all closer to understanding the Truth behind these phenomena.

The best, most informative accounts received will be featured in The UFOria Researcher HTML E-zine, will be  shared freely and permanently preserved on-line in the UFOria Research Extraterrestrial Contact Research Database, and may also likely be featured in books, magazine articles and other published materials designed to share the results of this research with the world.

The Extraterrestrial Contact Research Database

Over the summer of 2002, I visited thousands of sites on the Worldwide Web seeking quality extraterrestrial contact information, communication transcripts, personal narratives and contact-related science and scholarship applicable to my on-going UFOria Research ET contact research project.  Because I already had a deep knowledge of the subject (and possessed fairly well-honed Internet research skills), I was eventually able to pull together 80+ solid, first hand sources, which I brought together into a general links page originally titled, "Friends, Neighbors and Supporters of UFOria Research."  I compiled the links page because, in my summer "surfing" experience, I had been flabbergasted at just how difficult some of these sources had been to locate, how completely unadvertised, poorly indexed (if listed at all) on search engines, and just generally "spaced out" and hidden these important resources were.  A lot of really good information existed "out there," but it was isolated, buried, warehoused far from the electronic mainstream, unlikely ever to be discovered by anyone not already well-versed in the ET contact field (and probably a computer pro, to boot).  "This should all be in one place," I reasoned.  "Surely I'm not alone in looking for this stuff..."

Well, I definitely was not (alone, that is)!  Response to the initial "Friends and Neighbors..." links page was enormous and highly gratifying, as visitor after visitor thanked me for creating a useful and important portal to "everything contact" on the Net.

But as a researcher and long time UFO historian, I realized that what exists on the Net is but a  sparse sampling of the reams of Human/Extraterrestrial contact communications that have been recorded since the modern UFO era began in 1947.  Even much of the contemporary contact going on right now, this moment, if recorded on the Internet at all, can be seen disappearing daily as self-publishing contactees run out of money, energy, free server-space or faith...  Any serious researcher, myself or anyone visiting my website to make use of UFOria Research's "everything contact portal," would be woefully shortchanged and their work hampered or made impossible if the bulk of this material were allowed to enter the dustbin of history or be forever "lost in Cyberspace."

I have created the Extraterrestrial Contact Research Database to remedy to this situation, to establish a central Internet hub for the collection and maintenance of Human/ET contact information and research.  As of this writing, the Database remains mostly a quality collection of external links to information sources on the Web.  But  I am daily adding internal pages, permanently preserving important contact documents before they can vanish forever into the "electronic void."

If you hold the copyright on any Human/ET contact narratives, research documents, etc., whether from published books, unpublished manuscripts, magazines, newsletters or any other source, please consider granting me permission to add those texts to the database.  I cannot pay for use of these rights (UFOria Research, like most UFO research projects, is run on an economic shoestring), but I would be very grateful for the opportunity to make or keep these texts available to all, for all time.

Also, should you operate an ET contact oriented website and ever decide to shut down or to remove pages devoted to this topic, or if unforeseen circumstances collude to remove your information from the web, I ask that you please contact me and grant me permission to move your information to the permanent UFOria Research database.

Topics of interest for the database would include:

                "Classic" Contactees, 1947-1975 or so.
                 "Contemporary" Contactees - persons and organizations active since 1975.
                 "Ashtar Command" and other established "Contact Cultures"
                 Contact Research and Scholarship - share your research into this phenomenon!
................. Pro or con, believer or skeptic, have you written a book, article, research paper,
................. etc.? . Share it with the research community!

The Future

What does the future hold for UFOria Research?  Plenty!  Bookmark and revisit this site often, not only to make use of the ever-expanding ET Contact Database, but also to watch as the results of my own research into the ET contact phenomenon gradually appear within these pages.   The best, by far, is yet to come!  Alahoy!
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